Helping Veterans with their best pals

It’s Monday afternoon and my buddy, former Winnipeg Blue Bombers long-snapper Chris Cvetkovic, and I are happily stuffing our faces in a booth at Falafel Place on Corydon Avenue.But we’re not just here to eat; we’re here to talk about Chris’s four-year-old charity. Read the full story on the Winnipeg Free Press.

New Food program announced

The Canadian Legacy Project is now sponsoring our Service Dog Food Program. They will help Cvet's Pets provide dog food to Military Veterans with PTSD Service Dogs for FREE!

In the news ...

Ball for the Brave

May 24, 2018

The Metropolitan Centre 281 Donald Street

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Play it Forward Golf Tournament

Hosted by: Lakeview Hotels & Resorts

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New Board Members Required

Cvet's Pets has grown quickly over the past few years and we are currently looking for individuals who are interested in joining our Board. If interested, please fill out this application, and return to